Live Music Photography @ Tazma Studios Exeter

Tuesday night I got to see the ‘under construction’ Tazma studios in Exeter, I have heard such great things about it but never got round to seeing it. Matt Palmer kindly asked me to do some quick promo shots and some live snaps of his band filming a few tracks, and ITS AMAZING I love it the photography studio downstairs, with its tall walls and completely white interior is something i’m already booking out for shoots! So I will definitely do a price list for that tomorrow! Here is a collection of photographs from the live music that evening:

BASS GUITAR (Alex Jennings)

GUITAR (Matt Palmer)

DRUMS (Nick)

Anyone looking to rehearse or use the photo studio I definitely recommend Tazma especially if you want photography or filming done! It’s so refreshing to photograph in such perfect lighting, not having any pink light is a dream come true.